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Oct 29, 2022

Fantastic service, from start to finish. Just finished my first year tax with this company and all i can say is a massive thank you and a special thank you to my accountant Michaela Committie. Communcation from start to finish during the whole process was first class throught. A very trustworthy company. Jibola

Nov 09, 2022

A very professional and friendly group of people. They are happy to explain, prompt and organise- and it felt like I was in safe hands. Particularly so with Justin- who was happy to explain & answer queries over and over; as well as maintaining regular and clear communication.

Yannis Kee
Dec 07, 2021

Had my tax return handled by Howlader & Co team for several years now and I can say with the utmost confidence that I am extremely satisfied with them. I strongly recommend them to anyone who’s looking for very professional accountants who also explain you patiently some complicate technical things. Been faithfully with them and so far I have never been unsatisfied. Highly recommend!

Stan Ernesta
Sep 09, 2022

I believe that Howlader & Co are one of the best firms in the business. When I first started on my business journey, so many things were new to me. So much of it appeared complicated, but one thing I knew from the outset is that we should make sure we get really good accountants. A friend recommended them to me, and told me they were excellent. And having been with them for a couple of years now. I know they are excellent. Everything involving taxes can be so daunting, even for experienced business people, but Howlader & Co not only deal with the most complex aspects of tax law so well. But they have this Amazing ability to break everything down to you so that you understand what is happening at all times. No request or problem is too big or too small for them, they are always willing to help. And they will go above and beyond for their clients. As they have done for me on so many occasions. I cannot recommend Subrata and the whole team at this incredible company enough. True professionals and experts at what they do. Stan. PIN FINDS LTD

Marco Magistrini Spinelli
Feb 02, 2023

Howlader & Co is synonymous with client comes first service and an excellent know how of the business. I’ve been recommended Claudia and Sohan from a dear friend, and they assisted me since 2014, they became mentors, teachers, and faithful trusted persons. I could not me more happy and proud to call Claudia my Adviser and Howlader & Co my chartered accountants and tax advisers

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