Ratings Plus Review Policy

At Ratings Plus, our goal is to provide a platform for honest and unbiased feedback from customers about products and services. There is nothing better than word-of-mouth which is why all reviews are vetted to ensure they are true so other users can make decisions on businesses they are looking to patronize. Reviews are collected from businesses and users who sign up to our platform to share their feedback on a product or service received. We conduct a thorough background check to ensure all businesses are legitimate and exist. To ensure the authenticity of the reviews, we have developed the under-listed policy.

Guidelines for Writing Reviews

·      Your review should be on your personal experience with the product or service. Follow community guidelines and do not provide false, offensive or discriminatory reviews which include the use of foul or racist language.

·      When providing details of your experience, please share specific details such as product or service quality, customer service, product or service images (where necessary) and any relevant information that can help other users make informed decisions.

·      Do ensure you give a rating on any review placed on our website (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest).

·      Avoid the use of offensive language as inappropriate words will not be tolerated.

·      Do not promote or advertise similar products or services.

While we know all reviews may not be good, it is important to be honest when providing a bad review. Below are some steps to follow when sharing a negative review on a product or service experience.


Guidelines for Writing Negative Reviews

·    To ensure your review is valuable and informative, we encourage honesty and attention to detail. Please include specific aspects of your experience, including any issues encountered and suggestions for improvement. Avoid vagueness in your review and refrain from including irrelevant information that may not benefit others. Your thoughtful and constructive feedback is greatly appreciated.

·      Maintain a respectful tone in your reviews by refraining from personal attacks directed towards businesses or individuals. Focus on sharing your personal experience and avoid generalizations. By adhering to these guidelines, your reviews will contribute positively to the platform's environment.

·     Enhance the credibility of your review by providing evidence of your experience. You can include supporting visuals, such as pictures showcasing specific issues with the product or service. This valuable documentation assists us in verifying your review before it is published on our website, ensuring the utmost reliability and authenticity.

·      Feel free to provide constructive feedback without hesitation, offering valuable suggestions that can assist the business in enhancing its services. Your input plays a crucial role in driving continuous improvement, and we encourage you to share insights that can contribute to the betterment of the business.

·      Even if your experience with the business may have left you unsatisfied, it is essential to maintain a respectful tone when sharing your review. Please refrain from using offensive language or derogatory remarks. Remember the golden rule: If you wouldn't appreciate it being said to you, it's best not to say it to others. Let's foster a positive and respectful community together.

·      Avoid distorting your review for personal gain. It is crucial to adhere to the facts, providing an objective and unbiased account of your experience. By presenting accurate information, you empower other users to make well-informed decisions when considering the same product or service. Let's prioritize transparency and integrity in our reviews.

Review Moderation and Approval Process

·      At Ratings Plus, our dedicated team moderates all reviews to ensure compliance with our guidelines. Rest assured that each submission undergoes careful evaluation to maintain the integrity and quality of our platform.

·      Reviews submitted to us will be carefully reviewed for adherence to our guidelines. We retain the right to approve or reject any review that violates our policy. Our commitment is to provide a platform that upholds the highest standards, ensuring a valuable and trustworthy experience for all users.

·      We respect the integrity of reviews and do not engage in editing them. However, if a review contains offensive language or personal information, we may kindly request the user to revise and edit their review accordingly. Our aim is to maintain a respectful and safe environment for all users while preserving the authenticity of their feedback.

·      Once reviews have been approved, they will be published on our website. We strive to ensure the timely dissemination of valuable feedback, providing users with access to relevant information in a reasonable period.