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Great British Restaurant


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Peter Murphy
Jun 11, 2023

I went in expecting a traditional boozer but this was a pleasant surprise - a classy cocktail bar with a nicely curated selection of drinks and friendly service

Nov 24, 2022

I so hate to leave a bad review, but unfortunately this place just isn't fit to be open at the moment. I genuinely sympathise with the staffing crisis in the sector, but when you're charging 5* hotel prices and providing such poor food, you really need to find a better solution, fast. £70 tomahawk steak should be a glorious occasion, a dining centrepiece; ordered medium, but it came more than well done like a piece of old leather. The medium rare ribeye was also very overdone, but the guest didn't feel comfortable reporting it after seeing how little interest there was in the tomahawk travesty. The one member of staff working was made aware, as was another man (presumably restaurant manager?) neither did anything besides offer a meek "oh, sorry". Here's what should have happened: Cook it properly to begin with, it's really not that hard. But failing that, come and check the food is OK a couple of minutes after serving, as normally happens in a proper restaurant, where the issue could've been raised, and you might have considered a corrective action. £70 for "oh, sorry" at the end of the meal (for someone's 70th birthday, by the way) isn't really good enough for this kind of establishment. Verdict: tourist trap, go elsewhere.

Jan 22, 2023

A lovely little gem! The cappuccinos are to die for and the staff are really wonderful. Kind and helpful. The brunch was a bit underwhelming. We had the smashed avo on sourdough with poached eggs and sundried tomato. The eggs were hard and the sourdough was small so the whole dish looked a bit overpriced.

Karam Shammas
Sep 14, 2021

It is a different taste of food. At the beginning you will feel it is small and will not be enough for a person like me who eat a lot. But when you start eating and feel the taste you will be full. I usually eat very fast but with this one I went slow. I tasted all of them 😂. The lamb was so tasty!!!

Tiantian Tan
Jun 18, 2023

We were traveling from the US and celebrated my father’s 65th birthday in early June. It was stunning. The foods are amazing, especially their signature tomahawk. Service is fabulous. Thank you for creating such a memorable experience for us.

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