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Pramila Rajput Singh
Apr 28, 2022

Since we have been with Nova financial, their team has been very supportive and helping us along the way to fulfil our dreams ! Mo Choudry has shown great work ethic in responding to our queries soon and offering excellent service to novice like us! He has a wealth of experience in property management for many years now and anyone would benefit from his expert advice. His style is “answer to the point “ and he knows exactly what one is looking for , not taking too much of your time , he’ll guide you in the right direction. I recommend Mo Choudry for excellent property management!

Lucciana Galeana
Feb 09, 2022

My husband and I recently moved to Manchester at short notice for work and we were un-able to find a suitable place for our needs. That was until we met Mo Choudry. Mo was fantastic from the first phone call, understanding our necessity to move at such short notice, and even going out of his way to attend to our needs + requirements at unsociable hours. After moving into our apartment, Mo has been following up on requests immediately, unlike other property managers we’ve had in the past. We would absolutely recommend Nova Management any day of the week and look forward to the rest of our tenancy!

Joe Jackson
Apr 06, 2023

Do not trust this company. They provided disastrous advice to invest with a property developer that went bust. Then had gall to advise considering suing your own solicitor for damages. Regretting the day listening to Nova. ** in his reply the founder says they didn’t earn a penny from me. This isn’t true; they charged £500 “initial engagement fee” which they will deduct from any investments you make moving forward, but I didn’t get back when I invested in their advised venture independently with the developer (since they offered better prices than Nova for their projects).

Olivier Cappitt
Mar 14, 2023

Over the last 4 long years I've been an investor in 2 properties which Nova advised on. The first properties developer went bust just after Covid. I've lost potentially 40k on that development after managing to get some 10k back through insurance. The 2nd property has now also failed as I was unable to secure a mortgage 4 times, through no fault of my own (issues with the development!). I tried to get help from Nova, including reaching out to the Managing Director who offered no support despite the amount I invested through their advice. Considering they had close ties to the developers, and the fact I invested in TWO properties which both failed, I expected them to offer me some support since I've lost some £110k of my hard earned money which I can't afford to lose - But nothing at all. I am livid and disappointed, and now needing to find legal advice as to next steps. I would avoid investing with Nova. I'm not saying it's their fault these developments didn't work out, but as I was persuaded to invest in them, I would have for sure expected a good level of support or assistance, rather than zero. UPDATE: I was contacted by Nova around 5 months ago and asked to remove my negative reviews. I was assured that they were launching an investigation to attempt to help the clients who had lost money. After 5 months, I've had no communication. I've contacted and asked for any information and not getting any responses after 3 weeks of emails. I am now launching my own investigation. If any other clients of Nova's want to help, please contact me (Olivier Cappitt - should be able to find me on the socials...!) I feel I was duped into removing my comments on here in the promise they were working on my behalf, but it seems not..

Connor Wilson
Jun 02, 2023

My wife and I had the pleasure of investing with Nova Financial around four years ago, and our experience has been nothing short of exceptional. Prior to discovering Nova, we had conversations with several property marketers and real estate agents, but it always felt like they were solely focused on making a sale. However, when we met the team at Nova, their deep property knowledge and professional approach truly impressed us. As novice investors at the time, we were understandably nervous, especially considering the significant amount of money we were looking to invest. Stefan and Sam, the experts at Nova, were incredibly patient and knowledgeable. They took the time to explain the intricacies of investing and made a genuine effort to understand our goals and objectives. This personalized approach allowed them to create a tailored strategy that took our comfort levels and reservations into account. We made the decision to purchase seven properties across the UK, some of which were already complete, while others were off-plan, all situated in prime central locations. Despite a minor delay in one of the projects, which was partly due to the impact of COVID, our overall experience has been overwhelmingly positive. Every property we invested in has been successfully tenanted without any vacancies, and the returns have surpassed Nova's initial forecasts in terms of capital uplift and rental income. Based on our successful journey so far, we are now eagerly exploring options to release the built-up equity and utilize additional rental funds to acquire more investments in the near future. Nova Financial has undoubtedly played a significant role in our achievements, providing us with valuable guidance, seamless support, and delivering results beyond our expectations. We wholeheartedly recommend Nova Financial to anyone seeking a trustworthy and knowledgeable partner in their property investment journey. Their expertise, professionalism, and dedication to understanding and achieving our specific goals have made them an outstanding company to work with. We are grateful for the confidence they instilled in us as investors, and we eagerly anticipate further growth and success in our partnership with Nova Financial.

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