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Michael Jewson
May 30, 2014

Been a member here since it opened. Fantastic gym - for me it beats the rest in the vicinity, 2 of which I've been a member of in recent years. The staff and trainers are top notch, the gym and the changing rooms are clean and well maintained, and the other members are (usually) happy and polite which you often don't get in gyms. I'd highly recommend City Athletic. Historically I've changed gyms for a fresh perspective every couple of years but this is the first I can safely say I'm going to stick with. Definitely give it a go if you're considering it.

Eoin Sandford
Jul 05, 2018

Having been a member of many gyms, I can honestly say this is by a long mile the best. If you are serious about reaching your fitness goals in an incredibly friendly environment then this is the place for you. I personally love the vibe of the gym from the front of house team, personal trainers and members. It is the little personal touches that make City Athletic far superior to other gyms. They have actually built a community of members who engage and train with each other. The staff know my routine, educate me and are always a great source of support and inspiration. The locker room and gym is always immaculately clean and the high quality of personal trainers available is excellent. If you want to train in a gym that leaves ego's at the door, helps you get results and has you excited and motivated to return, then join City Athletic!

Mike Elliott
Nov 15, 2018

I've been using this gym since it opened and it's a very well run outfit. All of the trainers I've worked with are knowledgeable and engaging. The gym itself is never too busy, even at peak times. Good, well maintained facilities and a decent selection of training equipment. Also sits below a Sweatshop (for training shoes), Perfect Balance clinic - both of which have been very useful at different times. Thoroughly recommend.

Alex Collins
Feb 14, 2019

Brilliant gym. All the staff really friendly and welcoming. Never seems crowded - I've almost never had to wait for equipment during the four years I've been a member. Very well equipped with everything you need and very knowledgeable trainers who are happy to share their expertise. I run and ski mainly and the gym has absolutely everything I need to train strength for those activities.

Nick Jackson
Jun 12, 2017

I've been training in bodybuilding and fitness for 17 years and City Athletic is by far the best gym I have ever trained in. The equipment is fantastic and well maintained and clean. The facilities are excellent and the towel service is a welcome bonus for me especially on my leg days. The staff are amazing, really helpful, really friendly and they are always ask how you are. The atmosphere in there is absolutely jumping really positive and I have had the best workouts that I have ever had in there. Finally I highly recommend the protein coffee there too!

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