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Matthew Lintron
Apr 24, 2023

After struggling with anxiety issues stemming from burnout, James was recommended to me. From my first enquiry, to the completion of therapy a few weeks later, it was a really positive experience. James was throughly professional throughout and took time to explain the rationale and expected outcomes of his approach. Most importantly, it has worked for me. Would thoroughly recommend anyone considering Fix My Mind to go ahead and make the investment in yourself.

Abi Vista
Dec 20, 2022

Therapy sessions with James has been life changing, he has helped me deal with very difficult issues surrounding trauma and anxiety. He has been incredibly kind, empathetic and understanding and gave me the tools to move forward feeling better and living better in my day to day life.

Caitlin N
Apr 28, 2023

The only way I can describe the work James does is to perform miracles. I’ve been battling a fear now for well over 8 years and had quite frankly given up trying to over come this! I have been to numerous professionals and different therapies up and down the country and neither of them had managed to help me over come this fear! I’m naturally a very anxious person who wouldn’t normally put themselves forward for appointments like this however I felt very supported and trusted James after just one conversation with him. When I was younger (aged 11) I had discovered a fear of being sick (emetophobia) which led me to develop an eaten disorder. Since discovering this fear I have had to put my life on pause and wasn’t able to enjoy life how a 11 year old should. Unfortunately for me this fear took over my life and stopped me doing all the things an 11 year old should be able to enjoy ie: going out with friends, enjoying school etc. I often found myself avoiding social encounters as my brain would tell me if I stay indoors away from others there would be no chance of me catching any sickness bugs. I’m now 21 years old and prior to my appointment with James this was all the same. I would find myself avoiding actives which would lead to me being sick i.e - brunches with my friends, nights out, rollercoasters and even certain holiday destinations. Since turning 21 i set it my goal to get this fear under control and hopefully move past it! I had started weekly sessions elsewhere which unfortunately hadn’t been working therefore I was ready to accept defeat! Shortly after this I came across James at ‘Fix My Mind’ and from my first conversation with James I left with the biggest smile on my face! My family and my partner had noticed a huge difference in my own mental health around this topic and were excited for me to start the sessions. During my session, James listened to me and made me feel positive and empowered, the whole session was specifically right for me which I felt gave me a unique and positive experience. At first I was a little apprehensive however I quickly became calm and relaxed – at no point did I feel in any way pressurized, confused, or not in control. This was because of how James spoke and explained everything. Since our session, I have followed the advice James gave me and have been able to enjoy activities that I have put off for well over 10 years! I cannot put into words how much this one appointment has changed my life. I’ve finally been able to leave the house in the mornings without any fear. Thank you for allowing me to start living my life again James!

Dec 17, 2022

I worked with James over 2 sessions and he has changed my life. I had an unusual anxiety I struggled with for over 10 years and believed I wouldn’t be able to overcome my issues, but James gave me the tools I needed to transform how I looked at things and how to let go. For anyone who may be a little sensitive with honesty, I would urge you not to let that put you off and don’t take it personal! James’ straight to the point approach is actually what I found most appealing. I also found him to be funny, charismatic and caring. Even in between our 2 sessions, he checked in to see how I was getting on which I really appreciated. I really was near the end of my tether and now I no longer feel trapped. What used to fill me with absolute dread has been replaced with excitement, even joy. I can’t wait to fulfil the areas of my life I had put on hold and I look forward to all the beautiful things life has to offer that I used to miss out on. James, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Emma Everett
Nov 21, 2022

From initial enquiry through to post-session follow up, the entire experience with James has been reassuring and supportive. The session took place virtually, allowing me to feel comfortable in my own surroundings. The session has helped immensely, changing my perspective on situations that I previously found challenging, and has given me tools I can continue to use in my daily life. If you have been thinking about hypnotherapy and have been putting it off (like I had), go for it, you wont be disappointed with Fix My Mind.

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