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Elizabeth Akerele
Feb 09, 2023

I was lucky enough to be introduced to George at AS Financial who helped broker my first mortgage. The service here has been exceptional with George from the beginning. The team have always been great too! I'm always happy to recommend their services to friends and family.

Andrew Gee
Mar 21, 2023

Martin has given us a great service while applying for a mortgage. Once we'd told him that made an offer on a property, he had phoned within 30 minutes to detail next steps and explain documents he required. The next day he talked us through the rates and options, and by the end of that day he had made the application to the lender. By the next day we had our mortgage offer! So much better than the previous mortgage broker we used.

Jun 06, 2023

We had Alastair as our mortgage advisor and he was truly brilliant from start until finish. Being on mat leave I was worried about my options and this not being looked upon favourably by lenders but he was fantastic with his recommendations and made the whole process so straightforward for us. He is very prompt and professional and is generally very friendly and helpful. We would 100% recommend AS financial and Alastair more specifically to others!

Joyce Oyedele
Jun 20, 2023

AS Financial has been a great broker to have. Even before I and my partner decided to get a mortgage, my sister recommended Martin be our advisor/broker! So, when it came time to start our process - I was delighted to have a call with him. His service and response has been second to none! He's always been so responsive and ready to answer any of our questions! I know that anything needed will be promptly actioned which is so reassuring, especially for first time buyers! Really enjoyed taking this journey with AS Financial and celebrating our home completion! Will definitely recommend AS Financial!

Lefki Papas
Feb 03, 2023

Making the right decision about buying property and getting a mortgage could be a daunting task in our days. With AS Financial people by my side, this was only learning experience for me with a very positive outcome. AS Financial are a fantastic team of highly knowledgeable people, with strong, human-centred culture and result-oriented mentality; caring for their clients from both the financial and human perspectives, always being friendly, and excellent listeners, very approachable and responsive with very polite manners. My communications with other brokers, prior to meeting AS Financial people, had left me disappointed, confused and disoriented amidst the chaotic information on the news at the time about sky-rocketing interest rates on property mortgages. It was my contact with AS Financial in particular, Mr Asher Kenton, who is a very competent broker and a wonderful person, that gave a totally different perspective in the whole matter. From the very beginning of our cooperation, Asher was and has remained very friendly, extremely patient, with excellent communication and listening skills and working with devotion towards producing the best possible results for me, as a client. Asher has always been one step ahead in the entire process of having the mortgage issued , informing re market trends, warning for potential risk-taking steps, educating and consistently guiding me. He also facilitated consistently my communication with other departments in AS Financial who also cooperated as a team with efficiency and professionalism to produce the best possible outcome for me in through their internal cooperation but also communicating with the solicitors and the lenders timely when this was required. With Asher's support and guidance I could feel safe and confident enough to move on and make important decisions without delay while swimming in unmapped waters of the ocean of mortgages; this might sound a bit dramatic, but this is how I felt initially. AS Financial people and Mr Asher Kenton, in particular, have produced excellent results for me, not because they managed to find for me a very good, off -the-self financial product, but because they offer all-rounded financial services of high quality looking at me as a human first and then as a customer. Most important highlights of my experience with AS Financial people: The brilliant results described above were the outcome of trustful relationships built through my communication with Asher and other members in AS Financial team, over the phone or via e-mail; we did not meet in person initially because of Covid-19 restrictions and later on there was no need for that. And these wonderful people, a few months ago, when they heard my personal story even sponsored my participation in a charity-based walking marathon . That was really moving for me. It is the people that matter more than anything else in out lives I feel grateful and thankful for meeting AS Financial people :) :)

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