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The Regent's Park


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ashikur jhalak
Mar 02, 2023

Got to see a beautiful park and its surroundings. The Regent park is located at the heart of London and it is known for its magnificent views and pure beauty. Pedestrians walk with their pets and go there to see various plants, flowers blooming and lake sightseeing along with water ducks.

Daniel Gibson
Jun 04, 2023

On a morning walk with the sun shining down, not too hot, this is the most perfect place for a relaxing walk, or even a jog, or a bike ride round the inner circle. My morning walk round the park was spot on, very relaxing, and the ideal way to start my morning. I'd definitely have another walk round the park again next time I'm in London!

Minwoo Kim
Jun 09, 2023

Tremendous and beautiful park. It has a circular road where you can circularly ride a bike. Some buildings near the park look luxurious. In the centre of the park, it has a Japanese-style park and cherry blossom trees. Additionally, the lake can be used for sailing with boats. Very beautiful and famous during the spring season. Have an excellent time taking a break in this park!

Keluarga Bontanghe
Jan 07, 2023

One of the most beautiful park I have ever seen. It is green everywhere. The park is filled with many beautiful trees, flowers, and bushes. This place also provide live to many ducks and gooses. You can enjoy this place in many ways, by feeding the animals here, or by jogging around the track here, or simply by taking your children to enjoy the scenery. Recommended place

Apr 08, 2023

It is a Beautiful park to have a stroll or just sit and relax in or a picnic, It was fairly busy due to sunny weather. Lots of places to see the park is very big, the boat rides are really nice but not a lot to see because the area to pedal is limited but lots of birds and ducks and few fish can be seen. Great for passing hours on warm sunny days, everywhere the eye can see the natural beauty is just stunning. It's really good to have parks in London to get away from the traffic jams and busy lifestyle. 👍

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