Waterlow Park

  • Highgate Hl, London N6 5HG, UK, ,

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Waterlow Park


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Raymond Valiant
Apr 13, 2023

This park is well kept, spacious with beautiful vegetation, ressembles to an oxygen oase at the top side of a small hill. It is also convenient to take children for a stroll, or dogs for an exercize in the open air.

Nill Armestrong
May 31, 2022

Very nice and beautiful park in Highgate area. Everything you need from a park you can find there ONLY CARPARK is not available and easy, please double check every where before go there if you decided to drive. I recommend driving because most of around is not public transportation available only in one direction you can find and rest you need to walk or drive. Also, it has two nice BBQ 🍗 spots inside park with full recycling facilities for your BBQ’s. Two small and medium ponds are located there, facilities are in east side and not too far from other side. Children play ground are ok in couple of areas. I recommend for you and your family and friends for one day relaxation and enjoy 😉.

jaimmie riley
Aug 23, 2022

This is a lovely park at the base of the Hampstead heath. It contains a Gated park with a slide, swings and benches. Additionally there is a climbing area for older children. Dogs are allowed both on and off lead. There is a great cafe That is both dog and children friendly. Definitely take time to visit the graveyard next to the park!

Yulia Voevodskaya
Sep 14, 2022

Even 5 minutes in this park help to feel better. Its trees are so big, people seem tiny next to them. There are many birds, and they sing beautifully. A nice view over Docklands.

Jun 18, 2023

Waterlow Park in London is a delightful escape from the city's hustle and bustle. This hidden gem offers it all: a charming café for tasty treats, tennis courts for sporty fun, and views that will take your breath away. The atmosphere is pure bliss, like stepping into a serene oasis. Don't miss out on this tranquil haven in the heart of the city!

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